Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About the Golden Middle and Searching for the Missing Puzzle Pieces

I love reflecting, putting my thoughts into words and sharing my everyday insights with people who might be going through the same sorts of experiences. I believe there is no one truth, put each one of us discovers their own Truth by putting different experiences and perspectives together.

I like thinking about it like putting a puzzle together. We sometimes like other people’s       puzzles(ideas) and make them a part of our own.

Sometimes, we don’t like other people’s puzzles and make sure that no such piece ever gets into our puzzle. Often times we realise later in life, that what we have been avoiding for a long time is actually a part of our own puzzle in one way or another. And that we have a lot more in common with people who we thought were the anti-examples in our life.
Having become a mom, I've reaiised that I do have a lot more in common with my own parents than I ever thought I did. I started understanding why they did cerratin things, which to me as a kid seemed wild and unfair. I started seeing that I am a reflection of my own children in the same way I am a reflection of my parthe only way to change either one of them is to change myself, let go of the emotions I don’t like in either of them and become a possibility of emotions and thought I want them to experience.

And I very often say that you always have to keep searching for the perfect balance or that “Golden Middle", as different perspectives are great in complementing each other and sticking to just one can be a very limiting experience, as things that worked for us one, two, tree, seven years ago, may no longer be relevant and most appropriate now.
I would like to invite you to come with me on a journey of discovering those different perspectives in nutrition, birthing and raising kids, restoring health, finding and maintaining inner piece and harmony and finding pieces that fit your puzzle.
Ok, ready?
Hop on and enjoy the ride!!!

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