Sunday, February 1, 2015

Healing Remedies 101: Oxygen - The Little-Known Healer

Today I want to talk about one of the remedies I recently learnt about, that really surprised me with its wide scale of useful properties, no side-effects, that is also extremely easy to use and has no bitter taste. How cool is that?

It's called DiOxymed(Dio2Xymed) and it is a liquid form of oxygen that you add into a drink of your choice a few times a day.

In short, here are some of the conditions the author of the article had success treating (as per the brochure "What you should know about OXYGEN" by David Cuthbertson) .

-  External Wounds and Ulcers(even white-tailed spider ulcers)
-  Flu symptoms and frequent colds
-  Sunburn and Heat burns
- Sprained Ankle
- Insect bites
- Asthma
- Tumours in dogs
- Arthritis
- Severe Chronic Gingivitis(Gum desease)
- Root Canal Abscess
- Insect Bites

Other uses of Dioxymed/Dio2Xymed(as per the "What you should know about OXYGEN" by David Cuthbertson):

-"extremely potent and effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral anti-yeast and anti-parasitic solution"
- "natural anti-microbial preservative and oxygen enhancement that promotes overall skin health and more healthy skin metabolism"
- "has been demonstrated to improve tooth whiteness, reduce stains and improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth"
- "enhances performance of athletes and contains no banned substance"
- "may be added to water as a sterilising agent"
- "natural, non-toxic oxygen supplement that can provide oxygen to enhance the immune system, improve cellular metabolism and be used in energy production"

I don't know about you, but I wish I had found out that such a remedy existed a long time ago. I've been adding it to my daughters' drink in the morning for the last few months. Even after the first month the results were mind-blowing. Their immune system has become so strong! 

Before that I had tried dozens of different remedies and treatments in an effort to make my babies more resistant to frequent colds and other deseases, but it was all nothing compared to the results I got from these drops combined with the multivitamin and probiotic. I had tried other multivitamins and probiotics before. So, I'm pretty sure they didn't play the key role. Back when I started taking it together with my girls, I knew nothing about it and did not have access to the brochure. So, I was in complete amazement, when after all the searching I got the results I was hoping to get for months and months.

To get more information about it, try searching for "Oxygen The Little-Known Healer" or email or message me to get a copy of the pdf file. At the end of the document there are specific directions of how it can be used.

Discussion Topic: What remedies helped YOU to boost your own/your family members' immune system? 

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